Food sensitivities can trigger various types of headaches.
Researchers have found that over 70% of migraine sufferers exhibited at least one reaction provoked by food. Many found relief from their symptoms on a special diet. Dr. Rispoli advises that IgE testing be used to determine those patients most likely to benefit from diet therapy.

For more info on IgG 96 Food Allergy testing click here.
By measuring IgG antibody levels to over 96 foods this test provides a safe, rapid, convenient, and economic method for determining immune reactions that may be triggering recurring headache symptoms.

Another cause of Migraine symptoms in women can be triggered by changes in estrogen that occur during menarche, menstruation and menopause. The term "menstrual migraine" specifically refers to a migraine that occurs near the start of the menstrual cycle, in response to falling levels of estrogen. Oral contraception, hormone replacement therapy, and pregnancy can all affect migraine patterns. To determine if changes in estrogen are triggering your Migraine's Dr. Rispoli recommends the The Women's Hormonal Health Assessment which provides a focused overview of hormonal balance in both pre and post-menopausal women, using a single serum sample to evaluate female hormone balance that can profoundly affect a woman's health throughout her lifetime.

Deficiency of vitamins B12 and folate can hinder production of red blood cells, resulting in headaches triggered by a reduced oxygen supply to the tissues. In addition, an analysis of serum levels of vitamin B6 is crucial for confirming diagnosis of histamine-induced headaches caused by nitric oxide. Other vitamins, such as vitamins A and D, can also play a key role in both the treatment and etiology of migraines.

Two tests are available for testing of nutrient deficiencies . 1. The Spectra Nutrient Analysis and 2. The NutriEval. Crucial vitamins
using serum and plasma samples can be used to monitor supplementation therapy. Click on the tests for more information.

If you suspect food allergies or environmental allergies are triggering your migraines try a natural anti-histamine product called D-Hist for immediate relief. This product does not cause drowsiness like some over the counter products. You will be amazed at how quickly you find relief from allergies of all types. For more information click here.

If you suspect hormone imbalances are triggering your migraine's try natural hormone balancing homeopathic called Hormone Combination. For more information click here.

If you suspect a vitamin deficiency may be triggering your migraine's try our Sublingual Vitamin B-12. Click here for more information.

For help determining the root of your migraines let a trained professional help you. Dr. Rispoli has 27 years clinical experience in alternative health and wellness.

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