Product Name: Dairy Eggs
1 fl. ounce
Homeopathic for Allergies to Dairy and Eggs.
10 Drops under tongue 2 times daily
Full Description:
A highly effcctive formula for sensitivities to dairy products and eggs. For relief of acute symptoms which can occur after consumiing these foods. These types of symptoms may range from diarrhea, gas, and exccessive mucous formation to coughs. Also for lymphatic stagnation, eczema, and ear infections which can result from chronic
Supplement Facts:

Scrophularia nodosa 2x
Aethusacynapium  4x 6x 9x 12x 30x,
Beef 8x l0x 12x l5x 20x 30x
Calcarea carbon/ca 6x bx 12x 15x 20x
Calcareaphosphorica 12x
Chicken/egg mix 12x 15x 300x
Cheese mix (dutch,swiss  american, italian,)  4x 6x 9x 12x 15x 20x 30x
Cow milk mix(butter, yogurt,  asteurized whey,  lactose)  6x 8x lox 12x 15x 30x 40x
Goat milk, magnesia carbonica  6x 8x l0x 12x 15x
Guaiacum  8x
Lag defloratum  6x 8x 10x 12x
Magnesia muriatica 5x 8x
Sheepmilk  8x 10x.