Product Name: Enzalase
Master Supplements
30 capsules
High PotencyProteolytic Digestive Enzyme Supplement for Digestive Care.
1 capsule with meals
Full Description:
Capsules Contain:
High Strength Lipase Digests Fat and Boosts Activity of Other Enzymes,
3 Protein Digesting Enzymes,
3 Fiber Digesting Enzymes,
5 Carbohydrate Digesting Enzymes, Natural acid-proof formula with grape skin buffers!

Vegicaps of plant origin (no animal gelatin).
40 capsules lasts 40 meals on standard dose program.
Supplement Facts:

The Enzyme Supplement that Reduces Indigestion
and Stimulates Probiotics

Enzalase is the only multi-enzyme supplement you need, its 12 high
potency enzymes digest all food groups plus fiber.

Enzalase an acid-proof formulation survives stomach acid and
delivers enzymes deep into the intestinal tract (to finish digestion).

Enzalase reduces indigestion and gas fast and is recommended by
leading doctors such as Russell Blaylock MD.

Only one capsule with the largest meal of the day is required for
great economy!

As we get older, food begins to move sluggishly through our digestive tract because our body produces fewer digestive enzymes. Bloating, flatulence and a lingering feeling of fullness results. The 12 high potency enzymes in Enzalase work together to prevent indigestion by boosting the body’s digestive power. In addition, Enzalase stimulates probiotics with bifidogenic enzymes that release soluble fiber – active probiotics further reduce indigestion. Compared to other enzyme supplements Enzalase has the highest LIPASE (fat digesting) activity at 6000 FIP units per capsule and, since fat slows down other digestive enzymes, having high lipase is vital to improving total food digestion. All of the enzymes in Enzalase are protected from stomach acid by a buffered biogel that insures their safe delivery into the intestinal tract (Patent Pending).

What is Enzalase®?

Enzalase® represents a new concept in digestive enzyme supplements; its 12 powerful enzymes are balance-formulated to boost the body's ability to digest all major food types while simultaneously stimulating probiotic bacteria (three patents pending).

Digestive Enzymes

Enzalase® contains guaranteed activity levels of the 12 most important digestive enzymes, only FDA approved G.R.A.S. enzymes of plant origin are used. Each Enzalase® capsule contains:

Alpha-amylase 5,000 SKB
Alpha-Galactosidase 165 GalU
Bromelain Protease 150 GDU
Cellulase 3,000 CU
Glucoamylase 5 AG
Hemicellulase 6,400 HCU
Invertase 400 SU
Lactase 500 ALU
LIPASE 6,000 FIP Lipase Units
Neutral Protease 5,800 HU
Papain Protease 42,500 TU
Pectinase 7,500 ADJU

Due to the potency of Enzalase® only one capsule per meal is required. Enzalase® is supplied in amber glass bottles containing 40 size "0" Vcaps.

Probiotic Stimulation

Enzalase® stimulates probiotic bacteria in two ways: 1) Its high strength lipase, protease, and carbohydrase enzymes work on food to produce cobiotics (fatty acids, amino acids, and simple sugars) that feed Lactobacillus probiotics in the small intestine and 2) Its high strength fiber digesting cellulase, hemicellulase and pectinase enzymes work to separate soluble fiber prebiotics from insoluble fiber (both types are found in fruits, grains and vegetables) so these important prebiotics can more effectively feed Bifidobacterium probiotics in the large intestine. All of this happens inside you when you take one (1) high potency Enzalase® capsule before a meal. Enzalase® boosts the effectiveness of probiotics and it can make the difference between probiotics working versus not working for many people (Patent Pending).

Enzalase® has been designed to work best with Theralac® brand probiotics.

Acid-Proof Formulation

Many digestive enzymes are denatured by stomach acid and lose significant strength before they reach the small intestine; lactase, invertase, lipase, bromelain and papain are examples of acid sensitive enzymes. Enzalase® is produced by a unique process that allows an acid resistant gel to form around the enzymes in the stomach but dissolves in the small intestine releasing them unharmed, insuring the enzymes are active in the intestinal tract (Patent Pending).

High LIPASE Activity

Enzalase® contains 6,000 FIP units of lipase activity, the enzyme responsible for fat digestion. Strong lipase activity enhances the effectiveness of the other digestive enzymes in Enzalase® by removing fat from the chyme (food mixture) when it leaves the stomach and enters the small intestine. Fat free chyme is a more available substrate for the protein and carbohydrate digesting enzymes and increases their effective activity. Lipase is a very expensive enzyme: Compare the lipase content of Enzalase® with that of competitive enzymes supplements, the difference is dramatic.


EnzaStim® is a unique food grade fat-emulsifier only found in Enzalase® (Patent Pending). When the chyme enters the small intestine in depends on the presence of adequate amounts of bile to insure that fats get emulsified. Fats must be emulsified to be digested by lipase. EnzaStim® provides important insurance that this happens.


T.I.P.® stands for Totally Inert Packaging. Enzalase® is packaged in double sealed amber glass bottles with both moisture and oxygen absorption packets to insure stability and maximum shelf-life. In addition, a special low moisture, inert wadding is used inside the bottles to prevent capsule movement and damage. Although Enzalase® can be held at room temperature for up to 2 months with no activity loss, refrigerated storage is recommended. Enzyme supplements typically lose 1-2% of their activity per month when stored at room temperature, those that are packaged in inexpensive plastic bottles can lose up to 5% per month. Digestive enzymes are sensitive proteins that are perishable, don't let marketing executives tell you they're not.