Product Name: Replete Extra 120 caps
Neuro Research
120 capsules
Natural Sleep Aid supports Depression, Anxiety, Migraines, Insomnia, ADD and ADHD . Improves Focus and Seratonin Function. Must use CysReplete with this for better results. Start with Neuro Replete and Cys Repleate in week one and two.
2 caps AM, 2 caps at noon, 6 caps at 4 PM, 6 caps 2-3 hours before bed
Full Description:

The starting point for addressing low neurotransmitter concerns is NeuroReplete: 4 pills in the AM and 4 pills at 4 PM (5 to 6 hours before bed time).

It is intended to be used if additional amino acids are desired after 4 pills twice a day of NeuroReplete have been taken for a week or more.

NeuroReplete® contains the vitamins and minerals needed for neurotransmitter synthesis.
If you are taking NeuroReplete you should also take 2 pills of CysReplete; three times a day with the first dose at noon to prevent sulfur amino acid depletion associated with tyrosine and L-dopa.

Supplement Facts: