Product Name: Tru Fiber
Master Supplements
50 scoops
Tru Fiber reduces constipation and diarrhea by stimulating probiotic microflora, reduces intestinal gas and restores natural elimination, has no taste, no grit and dissolves rapidly in water or juice.
1-2 scoops in water or juice daily
Full Description:

TruFiber contains two unique sources of soluble, prebiotic fiber: Sunfiber and Inulin.
One serving or one level scoop (11 cc) of TruFiber provides slightly more than 14% of the recommended 25 gram Daily Value for fiber. TruFiber is a tasteless, white powder that mixes fast and clear with no grit or thickening.

Sunfiber or PHGG is derived from seeds of the guar plant and is partially hydrolyzed to improve solubility and reduce viscosity. It has been clinically proven to improve regularity at levels corresponding to two servings of TruFiber.

Inulin is isolated from roots of the chicory plant. It has a lower molecular weight (shorter carbohydrate chains) than PHGG and provides a synergistic prebiotic effect.

TruFiber contains the Fiberase complex of fiber digesting enzymes. These enzymes are not produced in the human body but occur naturally throughout the plant kingdom. Fiberase enzymes are called bifidogenic because they improve the prebiotic activity of fiber present in fruits, vegetables and whole grains resulting in enhanced stimulation of Bifidobacteria. Fiberase enzymes are also lactogenic meaning they stimulate the growth of various Lactobacillus probiotics (Patent Pending).

The two prebiotic fiber sources in TruFiber stimulate both Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus probiotics by directly providing a microbial food source within the intestinal tract. The Fiberase enzyme complex improves the prebiotic activity of whole foods in the diet by partially digesting their long chain fiber residues and provides time-released microbial nutrition. The dual action of prebiotic fiber plus Fiberase enzymes is synergistic. For added effectiveness TruFiber can be taken with a high potency probiotic such as Theralac.

Note: Certain prebiotics such as the fructooligosaccharides (FOS) are not as selective for probiotics as the Sunfiber and Inulin used in TruFiber. Excess bloating and gas can result when non-probiotic bacteria are stimulated by products containing FOS type prebiotics.

TruFiber has been shown to improve the following conditions.

Constipation and poor elimination
Diarrhea and loose stools
Poor absorption of calcium and magnesium
Low Bifidobacteria levels in colon
Low Lactobacillus CFU in small intestine
High cholesterol and triglycerides

The most common response to taking TruFiber is improved regularity with more uniform stool consistency and intestinal comfort. Improvements in nutrient absorption result in enhanced energy and a greater feeling of wellness.

Supplement Facts:
Key Ingredients:Ingredient Amount/3.6 g Serving Function
Sunfiber 3.37 grams Improves regularity and stimulates Bifidobacteria
Inulin 0.18 grams Stimulates Lactobacillus & Bifidobacteria probiotics
Cellulase 2,000 CU Digests cellulose and releases soluble prebiotics
Hemicellulase 4,700 HCU Digests hemicellulose, stimulates probiotics
Pectinase 5,800 AJDU Improves prebiotic activity of fruit pectins
Xylanase 1,100 XU Improves prebiotic activity of xylan carbohydrates