Product Name: Xeneplex
Western Health
30 day supply
Rectal Suppository aids in detoxification of hundreds of toxic chemicals such as solvents, petrochemicals, toxic metals, pesticides & more. Organic coffee is also added for detoxification and weight loss.
1 Rectal suppository, every 3 days before bedtime
Full Description:

Xeneplex Detoxification Support Complex is a new product from the makers of Medicardium chelation suppositories that provides state-of-the-art supplementation to support detoxification protocols. Xeneplex assists in the detoxification process by supplying free glutathione*. Glutathione is the body's main detoxifier and is singularly responsible for dealing with these poisons. Oral administration of glutatione doesn't work well, as the digestive system breaks glutathione down into it's amino acid building blocks. But, Xeneplex Detoxification Support Complex with glutathione overcomes this problem. Organic coffee is also added to stimulate the production of glutathione-s-transferase, the enzyme that is required to attach toxins to the glutathione molecule*.

While glutathione (when assisted by glutathione-s-transferase) removes toxic metals like mercury, lead and aluminum from the body, it is far more valuable in its ability to remove toxic chemicals. Xeneplex also includes Magesium Di-Potassium EDTA to complete the detoxification solution.

Supplement Facts:
Each Xeneplex suppository contains the following synergistic natural ingredients:
Glutathione 200 mg
organic coffee extract 200 mg
Magnesium Di-Potassium EDTA 50 mg
In a base of cocoa butter.

Recommended usage: take 1 suppository per day or as directed by your health care provider.