What Makes Us Different

Complete Health is committed to wellness and alternative beauty treatments. We help you build vibrant health and radiant beauty. Inner health outer beauty!

By following our natural health and beauty protocols you will be on your way to looking, feeling and being younger throughout your lifetime! Anti Aging is not a magic fountain of youth but rather one we must strive to attain by following natural alternative healthcare, vitamin supplementation, and restorative care. OUr newly remodeled spa-like setting sooths you so you can unwind and heal while receiving these natural treatments!

Dr. Rispoli likes to approach your health concerns from a holistic perspective. Utilizing her 25 years of clinical experience she can quickly identify the best natural approach for you.

Usually when seeking the help of a health advisor like Dr. Rispoli, it's because you're not feeing your best and feel something is a miss. Am I correct?

Dr. Rispoli is willing to spend time to discover the root of your problem and then the solution by using Cutting Edge Functional Laboratory Testing, Whole Body Bio-Scan, and her clinical experience to get to the root of your health concerns quickly.

Being a health & beauty researcher, Dr. Rispoli prides herself in staying on top of the latest discoveries in the health & beauty industry. Therefore, we offer a few of these amazing treatments such as . . .

LipoMassage the newest Advanced FDA Approved application of Endermologie and is scientifically proven, non-invasive treatment for localized fat and cellulite. Similar to Endermologie, Lipomassage is able to diminish cellulite, but according to scientific studies, it does much more. The new advanced technique actually triggers fat metabolism, providing tailored inch loss and fat reduction in tissue layers resistant to diet, and exercise. Lipomassage has faster, more targeted and longer lasting results on body contouring than ever before. In fact it’s so effective the FDA has recognized the long-lasting effects to include “with sustained results for up to eight months!” The staff at Complete Health are advanced trained in Lipomassage so you will get the most out of your Cellulite treatments!

Also highly sought after is their New Non-Surgical Face Lifts with amazing results that add years to your looks. This treatment combines electrical impulses to tone sagging muscles and with the use of an Infrared Lazar prompts collagen production within your own skin layer for plumper, firmer, healthier looking skin in a few short treatments.

At Complete Health we are dedicated to providing you with fast personal service and the best that natural health care has to offer.

Our goal is to educate you regarding your body and its needs without confusing you with long terms and big words. At our center we feel that your understanding of how your body works is an important part of becoming and staying healthy. The end result we strive for is a " you" who is healthier and who has learned to listen to what your body is telling you.