Our Goal
We see people with a large variety of health problems, many of which are chronic and debilitating. These include chronic fatigue, chemical sensitivities, allergies, hormonal imbalances, cardiovascular diseases, hepatitis, diabetes, arthritis, intestinal conditions of various sorts, attention deficits, autism, age-related problems, hypertension, diabetes, emotional and psychological disorders and many other conditions, and we have had great success in addressing most of these problems.

We also see many people interested in optimizing their health, reversing some of the signs and symptoms of aging or wishing to lose weight, end their addictions, eliminate their cellulite or just feel and look their best.

The Integrative/Holistic Philosophy-
" Complete Health Evaluation"

We believe the best way to resolve health concerns is to first reduce or eliminate the things that are harming the body or causing health problems. The areas to investigate in this regard include such things as looking for unsuspected food allergies (these are generally mediated by IgG, not IgE sensitivities), environmental toxins, gut dysbiosis (undesirable balances of intestinal organisms that can produce disease), chronic infections, etc. Sometimes it is necessary to evaluate for hormonal imbalances in the areas of Adrenal, Thyroid, Female/Male hormones or evaluate for nutritional deficiencies at a cellular level; things that the body requires for optimal health that are not present in sufficient amounts. This list includes vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, adequate protein intake,to actually get to the root of the problem.

If one gets out "the bad guys" and replenishes the "good guys" then good health is likely to follow.

Conventional (allopathic) approaches to medical care tend to be disease based, and conventional therapies are, more often than not, directed at treating symptoms not causes. For example, patients with migraine headaches are generally treated with "triptan" medications or other pain relievers and must take these each time a headache occurs.

The "Integrative/Holistic" approach would be to find those things that "trigger" the headache and to eliminate these triggers. These include food allergies and sensitivities, hormone-related issues, biorhythm disruptions, etc.

In this regard there are at least a dozen studies relating frequent migraine headaches to food allergies and sensitivities. One such study (Grant, ECG; "Food allergies and migraine." Lancet 1979; 1:966-969) evaluated 60 migraine sufferers who averaged over 400 migraines per month (as a group). After eliminating the offending foods, the number of headaches in the group fell to just 6 per month, and 85% of the patients became headache free!

Exclusion of just the tyramine-containing foods, like cheese, chocolate, citrus and alcohol, significantly reduced the number of headaches, but only 13% of patients became headache free. Interestingly, all 15 patients with high blood pressure at the start of the study became normaltensive (normal blood pressure) with the diet plus avoidance of other precipitants.

If a medication were discovered which could eliminate migraine headaches in 85% of sufferers it would make headlines. But the success of elimination diets in migraines is an area that has been virtually ignored in conventional medicine. Why is that? Good question!

We are a Center for Integrative Approaches in:
Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactivity
Anti-Aging & natural Hormonal Regulation
Body Tuning & Weight Loss
Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease
Nutritional Therapies
Addressing and reversing some of the issues of aging.

Most of our clients come to us as a result of referrals from other satisfied patients.

We are open Monday to Saturday from 9AM to 5PM (and occasionally at other times) by appointment only. Weekend and evening appointments may also be arranged.

Complete Health favors building over treating disease. We offer a wide variety of Wellness and Natural Beauty Services, as well as Cutting Edge Functional Laboratory Testing to get to the root of your health concerns.

In addition to Nutritional Guidance, we offer the latest Beauty Services such as Endermologie for Cellulite Reduction, Non-Surgical Face Lifts with lasting results and Gentle PCA Chemical Peels.

Some of our Wellness Programs include, Whole body cleansing Programs, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Reiki, and Neuromuscular re-education to name a few.

Our functional Lab Tests get to the root of your nutritional deficiencies. When we are done we know exactly what your body needs so you are not taking too many of the wrong supplements! You get fast lasting results so you can enjoy your health with abundant energy!

At Complete Health we are dedicated to providing you with fast personal service and the best that natural health care has to offer in a relaxing healing environment with trained professionals.

Our goal is to educate you regarding your body and its needs without confusing you with long terms and big words. At our center we feel that your understanding of how your body works is an important part of becoming and staying healthy. The end result we strive for is a " you" who is healthier happier and who has learned to listen to what your body is telling you.