The Five gates of detoxification:

First it is important to understand that there is a flow to detoxification which is the way the body naturally removes waste materials from the cellular level, channels of elimination, then out of the body. This flow is similar to the flow of water from a garden hose. If the hose becomes kinked at any point, the entire flow is stopped. Similarly, there are five "gates", within the body, where this flow of detoxification could be inhibited. These are not the five organs of elimination, but five areas or "gates" within the body where this natural flow could become obstructed. (1)the colon; (2) the lower back; (3) the gallbladder; (4) the liver; (5) the lymphatic system.

Let's review the importance of the first gate: the colon. Most of us, since childhood, have experienced constipation some time in our life, some without knowing it. This seems to be a common factor in our in our fast paced society, as a result of eating processed foods, devoid of fiber and nutrients. Even for the person who has always prided themselves in being "regular" with their one bowel movement a day. To have three meals a day and only one bowel movement, indicates sluggishness in the intestinal tract leading to autointoxcation (self poisoning).

The colon not only functions as the garbage dump of the body, but it prevents dehydration by removing liquid from the intestines, this is why your stools become hard. The downfall is, if you do not drink enough water and eat enough fiber, which holds liquid in the colon, the cells are then bathed in dirty water from the colon to prevent dehydration, and you become toxic and constipated, leading to a host of problems and diseases.

To open the flow of detoxification, the first step is to speed the flow of waste within the colon out of the body as well as building bowel tone. When you have a lazy colon, the only exercise for rebuilding a lazy colon, is to move quantities of fiber through the colon, three times a day. This begins by using enough fiber, drinking enough water, and taking what ever quantity of herbal bowel stimulants it takes, on a daily basis, to produce three bowel movements a day. The best, natural way to wake up a lazy colon and clean out a congested colon is with colonic irrigations; a gentle flushing of the large intestine using water.  During a 45 minute session cool water is used to wake up the colon so it will eliminate on its own naturally. You will find the use of enemas and colonics to be of great help in speeding the cleansing and rebuilding your colon.

The second gate that needs to be opened :the lower back. Whenever a problem exists within the body, there is two way communication between the effected internal organ and the area of the spine where nerve flow branches off from the spinal column. When the colon becomes sluggish, with buildup on the walls, this two way communication causes related weakness, tension, pain, and congestion of tissue in the lower back, resulting in restriction of the nerve flow from the spinal cord to the colon, further complicating an already congested colon. This damming off of the colon further reduces the natural flow of this organ. Therefore, proper colon function will never resume until this nerve flow is restored by decongesting the tissue of the lower back, then toning those muscles. Deep tissue massage, Neural Muscular Massage, Accupressure, Acupuncture or Chiropractic care may be necessary to accomplish this, but your own stretching and toning exercises will definitely be necessary on a twice a day basis.

The third gate restricting the flow of detoxification: the Gallbladder. I often refer to the gall bladder as the trash can of the liver. An overloaded gall bladder could cause many problems. As a sewage receptacle for the liver, the gall bladder holds and excretes bile, a waste by product the body converts into an emulsifying agent to assist in the digestion of fats. While the liver filters out from your blood, toxic metals, chemicals, hormones and many other waste products, the gall bladder stores and processes bile and cholesterol. Cholesterol naturally forms on the arterial walls as a lubricant for circulating blood. In time, when an excess of cholesterol begins to build plaque on the arterial walls, the liver must filters this out.

Over the years, the average adult gall bladder begins to build little balls of this sticky waxy substance eventually becoming "gall stones." As the gall bladder fills with these cholesterol balls, the flow of elimination from the liver becomes reduced, congesting the liver. The flow of elimination from the liver will then be restricted until these cholesterol balls are removed. This is where the disease process begins; because toxins now begin to spill over into the blood, poisoning the entire body. This is not a surgical procedure, this is a process commonly referred to as the "Gall Bladder Flush." It would be in any persons best interest to closely follow this procedure so as to avoid the eventual removal of the gall bladder. Once the gall bladder is removed, one can develop a fatty liver, especially if one continues to eat a high fatty diet

The fourth gate we need to keep open: the Liver. The liver is the chemistry lab for the entire body producing thousands of enzymatic functions. When we allow the liver to load up with poisonous materials, the important functions of this chemistry lab are then restricted. The liver is also the filter of the body. When this filter is clogged, toxins spill over into the blood and cause autointoxication, leading to flu like symptoms, unclear thinking, skin eruptions and a host of other problems. At this point a Liver Cleanse is recommended; consisting of a specialized protein drink taken for 28 days, different from a Gallbladder Cleanse.

The importance of doing everything possible to take care of the liver, can never be over emphasized. When the liver becomes overloaded, this is when women's breast become painful and develop lumps, and when fibroids begin to form as well as other reproductive disorders. This is also when men begin to develop the first signs of prostrate disorders. When the liver is no longer capable of cleansing the blood, the entire body begins to saturate with toxic waste and begins to break down! The liver is a key organ in your body's self-defense system too. It changes, or detoxifies, many harmful substances into forms that your body can safely eliminate. In today's world of processed foods and pollution, toxic substances exist almost everywhere from the food and water you put into your body to the air you breathe. Your body even produces toxins as it processes and converts substances for elimination. When the liver is not in peak health it cannot detoxify substances as rapidly or as completely as it should which results in more concentrated toxic substances circulating in the body. These toxins can be stored in fatty body tissue and in the brain and central nervous system cell. Stored toxins may be slowly released into the blood, especially during weight loss contributing to many chronic illnesses.

The final gate to keep open: the Lymphatics. When any of the gates we have already discussed are closed, because of the clogging effects of waste materials blocking the flow of detoxification, the lymphatic system becomes excessively saturated with poisons. The lymphatic system is part of the immune system, it is imperative to keep your immune system in peak function, especially with the new super bugs we are faced with today.

When the lymphatics are saturated with acid waste, the tissues and cells cannot be cleansed. It is important to note that the lymph system does not have a pump, like our heart pumps our blood, the major muscles move the lymph, so as you exercise, instead of feeling invigorated as you should, you feel tired, achy and may even swell with a backing up of toxic lymphatic fluids. This is an indication that you are toxic and are in need of cleansing! Lymphatic Drainage Massage will aid in the elimination of waste within the Lymphatic System.

The symptoms and signals of toxicity are many: diarrhea, belching/gas, heartburn, mood swings, depression, fatigue, apathy, lethargy, hyperactivity, blurred vision, dark circles under eyes, headaches, faintness, insomnia, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, poor memory, confusion, poor concentration, slurred speech, gagging, frequent need to clear throat, stuffy nose, hay fever, excessive mucus, acne, body odor, rashes, dry skin, hair loss, excessive weight, compulsive eating, binge eating/drinking, pain in joints, arthritis, stiffness, or chest pain.

Many people in America today do suffer to some extent from toxicity. However, nutritional support is available. With a proper cleansing program the body can clear itself of unhealthful toxins and restore the Colon, Liver, Gallbladder, and Lymphatic System so that they may function properly. A good cleansing program should provides simple, yet specific dietary guidelines in combination with complete and nutritionally balanced supplemental support. Once these toxins are removed from the body, you will experience a level of radiant health, clarity of mind, glowing skin, anti aging, and literally feel like you did at 12 years old!

The real solution should now be logical as well as obvious. That is to open the five gates that are inhibiting the flow of detoxification, and completely remove these tissue destroying wastes from the body. The best time to do this is right now after all the Holiday splurging!

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If you are suffering from unexplained symptoms yourself to find out why. Find out today call for a Nutritional Consultation with Dr. Rispoli.

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