Complete Health Provides Alternative & Holistic Health and Alternative Beauty Services

Complete Health Institute is an alternative and holistic health & wellness center helping residents of Agoura Hills, CA and surrounding communities in Conejo Valley, San Fernando Valley and Simi Valley look and feel their best. Our wellness center helps patients with skin care and nutritional health and can assist with more serious health issues as well.

Dr Rispoli, DCN, PHD, LAC Doctor of Clinical Nutrition, Functional Nutritionist and Acupuncturist at Complete Health takes an functionaL medicine and integrative, holistic approach to health care and can provide natural relief for health issues such as migraine headaches, allergies, hormonal imbalances, hypertension, diabetes, weight issues, gut health , age related health issues and much more.

We provide (Click for more info) Acupuncture & CuppingLymphatic DrainageFunctional Nutrition & Nutritional CounselingAlternative & Holistic HealingWellness ProgramsNatural Hormone BalancingColon HydrotherapyColonicsDetoxification ProgramsWeight Loss ProgramsCellulite Treatments & Body Sculpting: Endermologie, Body WrapsNon-Surgical Face-LiftsEndermoliftSkin Care & Skin Care Clinic, FacialsChemical PeelsAnti-Aging & Beauty Products & Natural Supplements.

In our Wellness Center Dr. Rispoli, Acupuncturist & Functional Nutritionist helps people with a large variety of health problems, many of which are chronic and debilitating. With a Functional Nutrition Approach many of the following problems can be solved: These include chronic fatigue, chemical sensitivities, allergies, hormonal imbalances, cardiovascular diseases, hepatitis, diabetes, arthritis, intestinal and gut related conditions of various sorts, attention deficits, autism, age-related problems, hypertension, diabetes, emotional and psychological disorders and many other conditions, and we have had great success in addressing most of these problems.

We also see many people interested in optimizing their health, reversing some of the signs and symptoms of aging or wishing to lose weight, end their addictions, eliminate their cellulite or just feel and look their best.

In addition to being an Acupuncture Clinic and Wellness Center, Complete Health is a Skin Care Clinic, Day Spa and Alternative Medi Spa.

Dr. Rispoli offers Functional Nutrition classes at

Our skin care and beauty services are also an important part of our practice, as we also perform alternative topical services like botox called Notox or wrinkle fillers called Bio Matrix.

Our wellness approach seeks to treat the whole body, eliminating underlying issues that may contribute to illness or poor appearance. Functional Nutrition techniques help eliminate triggers that can cause illness, instead of merely treating symptoms. This allows us to provide a more complete solution for our patients' wellness goals.

With the help of Complete Health Institute, patients can look better and enjoy improved health without having to depend on more aggressive pharmaceutical or surgical interventions.

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Complete Health Agoura Hills, CA is a Wellness Center & Alternative and Holistic Health & Beauty Center.

We provide (Click for more info) Acupuncture & CuppingLymphatic DrainageFunctional Nutrition & Nutritional CounselingAlternative & Holistic HealingWellness Programs, Natural Hormone BalancingColon Hydrotherapy, ColonicsDetoxification ProgramsWeight Loss ProgramsCellulite Treatments & Body Sculpting: EndermologieBody WrapsNon-Surgical Face-LiftsEndermoLiftSkin Care & Skin Care ClinicFacialsChemical PeelsAnti-Aging & Skin Care Products & Natural Supplements.

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