Endermologie- Body Sculpting & Cellulite Treatment
$95/30 minute session (series discounts available)

What is Endermologie?
Endermologie is the first effective solution to the dimpling we often see in our buttocks and thighs over time. Developed in France, Endermologie is a technique which loosens fat that gets trapped under the skin's surface. These fibers pull on the surface of the skin, creating the "cottage cheese" effect of cellulite. Endermologie is also used to alleviate DOMS (delayed muscle onset fatigue) caused by lactic acid buildup from exercising, as well as nasal congestion, migraine, and chronic headaches.

Endermologie is a non-invasive, non-surgical, effective FDA cleared treatment for the reduction of cellulite. As you know an FDA cleared machine goes under rigorous testing for efficacy. Hundreds and thousands of dollars were spent proving this method works and boy does it!

Smooths - Firms - Sculpts -Endermologie
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Remove orange peel-smooths the skin
  • Reduction of body circumference
  • Increase in skin tone/ firms the body
  • Body sculpting
  • Improved Muscle definition
  • Improves lymph flow
  • Increases circulation
  • Muscle relaxation - reduces stress
  • Improves Well Being
  • Detoxification
  • Post-operative use/ Liposuction
  • Resolve Water retention

    100% Natural body sculpting without surgery

    Despite regular exercises and stringent diets, the body will store fat in certain areas. Endermologie, offers a scientifically proven solution for stubborn fat, cellulite, and sagging skin.

    Now, without painful surgery, in as few as 12 sessions, it is possible to reshape your body and lose inches with long lasting results.  You can now have slimmer, more toned physic and noticeable fat-loss in the stubborn areas.

    This breakthrough technology has been combined with new protocols and moves for faster, visible results- in as
    little as 12 sessions with our advanced Certified Endermologists targeting your stubborn areas!

    The results lead to a slimmer, more toned physic and noticeable fat loss in the concentrated areas. Gunner Peterson, celebrity trainer to the stars has adopted Endermologie into his regimen for Hollywood's most elite and now we have made it available for you. Endermologie sculpts the body, reduces cellulite and improves circulation. This breakthrough technology has been combined with new protocols for faster, more visible results- starting in just 12 sessions!

More than 100,000 people, in over 110 countries, receive the benefits of LPG techniques each and everyday.  Number 1 in France for a non invasive technique to reduce cellulite.

We are certified Endermologist technicians by LPG (Company who develop the treatment Endermologie, French technology, First FDA approved by a non invasive technique to reduce cellulite).

Endermologie™ study

Now there's even more scientifically-proven results! The latest clinical study, conducted by Professor Max Lafontan at INSERM Toulouse, has revealed astounding new findings regarding the efficacy of Endermologie on femoral fat (i.e. adipose tissue of the buttocks, saddlebags and thighs), one of the most stubborn fatty areas of all.

With the latest generation in CELLU M6 technology and the new Ergodrive treatment head, natural lipolysis (i.e. fat breakdown) is increased by more than 70% after 12 CELLU M6 sessions.

The study reveals that adipocytes (i.e. fat cells) of the femoral region typically exhibit very poor fat elimination abilities. Essentially, they store more fat than they eliminate. Endermologie radically increases the body's natural fat breakdown, nearly doubling the elimination of localized fat. 

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What is Endermologie?
Endermologie is an innovative technology for the effective treatment of cellulite and improvement in blood and lymphatic circulation. This procedure feels like a deep, relaxing massage while it releases trapped fat and diminishes cellulite. For over 18 years, Endermologie has been used effectively in sports medicine to treat muscle spasms and general aches and pains, while increasing blood circulation and improving endurance and recovery time. Endermologie is a treatment with a "unique, massage-like sensation", which stimulates the soft tissue, releasing toxins and trapped fat cells within the lymphatic system while smoothing out cellulite.
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Symptoms/Conditions Endermologie Treats
Cellulite, Love Handles, Trapped Fat, Poor Circulation, Sports Conditioning, Sciatica and Muscle Spasms.

Area Treated: Full Body
Benefits: FDA Approved, Safe, for treatment of Cellulite, Lymphatic Drainage, Releases Toxins, Zero Downtime, treatment time 30 to 45 minutes.

PRICES (Series Discounts Available):
30 minutes $95
get 2 FREE with purchase of 14 $1330./14 sessions

45 minutes $142.50
get 2 FREE with purchase of 14 $1995./14 sessions

Millions of men and women throughout the United States diet and exercise every day. Unfortunately, diet and exercise do not improve the ripples and dimples caused by cellulite. These traditional efforts for slimming down and shaping up are directed at the muscle groups and fat deposits. They have little effect on the elasticity of connective tissue fibers under the skin.

Now, our exciting, new cellulite treatment program uses advanced technology to combine a state-of-the-art mechanical treatment head and computerized programs for a slimmer, trimmer figure, eliminate rippling effects of cellulite. Cellulite treatments like Endermologie, also called Lipo Massage, enable patients to realize an actual reduction in the appearance of cellulite, a marked improvement in skin tone, and a decrease in the volume of the figure--after only a few weeks.

Before ................................After 16 Sessions


This painless technique of body contouring actually reduces cellulite. I am happy to offer this breakthrough in technology to my patients. It not only reduces cellulite, but it improves body tone and increases elastin and collagen. The treatment is both relaxing and effective.

What is Cellulite?
Often, cellulite is accompanied by sluggish lymphatic drainage. This latter observation represents defects in the skins micro circulation, which impede the speedy despatch of waste metabolites for disposal to the liver. A boggy and bulky appearance of the tissues results, which distorts the shape in effected individuals. These people would benefit from (see) Lymphatic Drainage Massage along with ENDERMOLOGIE.

The ENDERMOLOGIE device follows the principle that to separate the fibrous attachments, the dimpled skin will flatten, producing a smoother contour and external surface. This entirely safe, pain-free and non-invasive treatment lifts the skin with suction and creates a skin fold with a rollerized hand-piece that releases the skin of its attachment to the sub-dermal layers.

Because the treatment does not involve surgery, ENDERMOLOGIE provides an effective whole body treatment. It represents a breakthrough in the treatment of problem areas that have long been regarded taboo by cosmetic surgery and has been widely used by surgeons to enhance the results achieved with traditional liposuction techniques. In addition, ENERMOLOGIE provides effective results for women who have bad skin conditions and who are not good candidates for liposuction.

While the technology is new to the U.S., thousands of women in Europe, Japan and South America can testify to the benefits of the ENDERMOLOGIE treatment. LPG Systems draws on a growing body of photographic evidence and clinical studies to support the effectiveness of their ENDERMOLOGIE treatments. Those results are achieved over an average of 16 sessions. The treatments are administered by trained Endermologist's. In addition to the benefits of whole body treatment for non-surgical patients, a maintenance plan is proposed utilizing ENDERMOLOGIE treatments to liposuction patients to enhance their results. Patients results are recorded and assessed using a stringent, scientific system of photographic evaluation.

How many times do I have to come? How long are the sessions? Results are noticeable in 6 to 8 sessions. The best results are seen between the 8th and 16th sessions you must come regularly and be committed. Sessions are 30 to 45 minutes and are done twice a week allowing three days apart. Maintenance visits are recommended generally once or twice a month because in time there may be reattachment formation of the fibrous pockets below the skin and to keep the microcirculation flowing properly.


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