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The truth is you can lose all the weight you want, and you don't have to "work" for it.  We can help you chisel down to the size you want. . . without dangerous drugs, yo-yo dieting, artificial sweeteners, fake fats, drug store appetite suppressants.  These are the very things that make you sick.  You don't need these in your life, what you do need is the truth about the real cause of your weight gain.

It's not low self-esteem, fact is, weight gain is rarely a consequence of poor will power.

In today's world there are many different diets, gimmicks for weight loss and fads. If you are a person going from diet to fad and back, and are tired of the ups and downs, then try a sensible program that can change your life. With a proper and simple nutritional plan and nutritional support, your body can reach its ideal weight and stay there. A nutritional plan doesn't have to leave you feeling tired or deprived but should give you energy and vitality. An hour of nutritional counseling can put you on the path to the proper lifestyle and even help you lose your cravings. Focus on health and the extra weight will come off effortlessly.

There are 5 hidden causes for weight gain:

Hidden Cause #1
Why you binge and never feel satisfied - cellular hunger and a diet devoid of proper nutrition. You need super foods. If you have days when you can't stop eating, nothing satisfy you, that's a clear sign your suffering from an inner hunger no amount of will power and discipline can overcome.  I'm talking about cellular hunger!  Your body needs proper nourishment the kind you can only get from whole foods, super foods.  You can eat a donut but still be hungry, Why? because there is no nourishment in it.  But when you eat super foods your body is satisfied because it gets what it needs.

Why do we eat more calories than we need and still feel hungry, because we're not getting complete nourishment, which spells uncontrolled hunger!  A salad a day won't do the trick.  To give your body a serious nutritional boost you need"super foods."  These foods are packed with rare trace minerals, potent enzymes, absorbable protein, essential fatty acids, and powerful antioxidants.

We'll show you how you can use nature's super foods to satisfy your "cellular" hunger.  These unique foods replenish your depleted stores.  As a result, your appetite subsides, without an ounce of will power!  You'll lose weight effortlessly.

"I lost 15 pounds over the first three months, and it's still off a year later.  I didn't even think about it, these foods adjusted me metabolism,   so I stopped craving the fattening foods." -C.W.

"My energy picked u, and I wasn't craving sweets anymore.  I could let a candy bar lay on the counter for days, and I had no desire to eat it! -M.B.

Hidden Cause #2
Why you crave sugary snacks, packaged cakes, breads and muffins- hidden food sensitivities or food allergies. How can food sensitivities cause cravings? If you're sensitive to a certain food, your body, in an effort to mask your symptoms, such as fatigue or digestive upset, releases narcotic-like chemicals called opioids. You get addicted to this release, and unknowingly seek out the very foods (trigger foods) that get them flowing again. These trigger foods are usually processed; chemical-laden foods like bread, dairy, and packaged snacks.

And to make matters even worse, food sensitivities and allergies not only make you want fattening foods, they make your fat cells (along with your waist band) expand!  To protect you from these foreign food "invaders," Your fat cells bloat up and act as buffers between the "toxic" chemicals and your organs.  You body hangs onto the fat to protect you from poisoning yourself, the result, you're lugging around pounds of toxins and fat cell "buffers!"  The only way to free yourself from fat is to reverse the cause, not just treat the outward symptoms.  We've found a surefire way for you to do it effortlessly.  It's a new test that can identify even the most subtle food sensitivities that conventional allergy tests won't register.  Using the most advanced technology, this test detects minute changes in your white blood cell activity.  Weight comes off at last!

Hidden Cause #3
A clogged liver is standing between you and the body you've always wanted- you may need to detoxify your liver. How can your liver keep you overweight? Fact is your liver performs many digestive and energy-balancing mechanisms. It stores glycogen (energy waiting to be used), detoxifies your blood of chemicals, drugs, and bacteria of all types, and it manufactures bile to process, filter, and digest the fats you eat. But if your liver is clogged with excess toxins and fats, it slows down and can't perform its vital functions.

If you eat a lot of processed foods…if there's a chance you were ever exposed to chemicals…if you're even a "casual" drinker… or if your diet has ever been heavy on saturated fat (animal or vegetable)…you need to tend to your liver. Once you do, you'll be amazed at how quickly the fat comes off!  We'll show you how in just 20 days, you can prime your liver to flush the fat out, using scientifically formulated products.

   "Nothing else has worked for me the way the fat flush does.   I lost inches in only two weeks.  I can't believe how much energy I have!" -J.H.

   "After so many diets the Fat Flush has helped me see visible results that have given me the motivation to change the way I eat.  And I have    more energy too!  -S.J.

This incredibly effective program combines a special liver-cleansing diet with simple and effective detoxification strategies.

Hidden Cause #4
Eating right for your blood type - There is new evidence that eating according to your blood type can have a huge impact on not only how you feel, but aid in weight loss, pain free joints and reduce muscle aches and pains.  We can help you to formulate a diet that is made just for you and your blood type.  You see there are lectins in certain foods that effect you much the same way a food allergy does, causing the body to react and store toxins which can cause to fat cells to swell up to 300 times their original size!  Our genetic background holds the key.

" After trying the blood type diet I lost 30 pounds in 5 months effortlessly." -M.K.

Hidden Cause #5
One more thing that leads to unsightly weight gain has to do with your gut.  Within the gastrointestinal system there are several things that can lead to weight gain.  For instance, if you have poor digestion or malabsorption you will not be getting the proper nutrients needed out of the food you eat.  Secondly, if you are lacking in the friendly flora your gut needs, or if you have an overgrowth of bad bacteria, yeast, fungus or parasites you may experience unrelenting hunger for sweets or simple carbohydrates such as bread, pasta and packaged cookies.  We have state of the art in Laboratory Tests to get to the root of your trouble then design a program to rid your body of these unwanted organisms.  Then a individualized program will be designed your you that will detoxify you, boost your metabolism and strengthen your immune system, and balance your vitamin and mineral needs, which will invariably help you shed those unwanted pounds.

The Balanced Diet Plan:
As Easy As
Dr. Rispoli who has a Ph.D. in nutrition fashioned The Balanced Diet Plan after Ann Louis Gittlemen's Fat Flush Plan, with a twist, this plan not only helps you lose weight, but it balances your hormones and bio chemistry so you lose weight and keep it off!

We have discovered there are 5 hidden weight-Gain factors, once addressed, the plan has a rather basic and clear-cut mission: to increase metabolism, flush out bloat, and speed up fat loss. At the core of the plan is the commitment to promote a balanced lifestyle and champion simple healthy habits that we all overlook or forget about as a result of life in our hectic twenty-first century.

There are three phases to the plan. Each phase of the plan is targeted like a guided missile to accomplish this goal. You will be instructed to take specific essential fats, 9 ounces or more of protein per day plus two eggs, antioxidant-rich vegetables, moderate amounts of fruits, calorie-burning herbs, cleansing diuretic beverages, exercise, journaling, and even the importance of sleep.

The Balanced Diet Plan comprises real foods. It eliminates all weight loss-inhibiting foods and beverages such as white flour, white sugar, margarine, vegetable shortening, artificial sweeteners (e.g., aspartame), and caffeine in regular coffee, tea, chocolate, and many soft drinks.

In fact, the more meals you build around the fat flushing foods on the plan, the more weight you will lose and the healthier you will be. Hunger will stop, food cravings will disappear, and even depression will be a thing of the past, and triglyceride and cholesterol levels will balance out. Your circulation will increase, and you will look years younger as you feel re energized, renewed, and refreshed.

You will have not only fourteen days of menus, but more than twenty deliciously simple recipes to enjoy on the plan. And you can always personalize any menu (breakfast, lunch, or dinner)-or recipe for that matter-to satisfy your own tastes based on the expanded lists of Fat Flushing foods provided.

Moreover, as so many of our clients have experienced, you can look forward to shedding unwanted pounds and feeling refreshed, cleansed, and nourished on all levels at every step of the plan. On the diet front, you will be putting a tight lid on and counteracting the effects of toxic foods, birth control pills, medications, and a stressful lifestyle. And this is important because your system likely has been overloaded and overburdened, creating havoc in your liver and lymph and decreasing your body's fat-burning ability. The Balanced Diet Plan allows you to clean up and take control of your body and your life.

In addition, the weight loss program includes body fat analysis, a health appraisal and a graph to plot out your weight loss goals. This will insure that you stay on target. You will be weighed every week. If you are not on target, Dr. Rispoli will assess the situation and help you adjust things in the areas you need.
There is no better time than now to start this successful weight loss plan. When can we get you in for an appointment with Dr. Rispoli?

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Dr. Rispoli, DCN, PHJD, LAC. has had a clinical practice for over 27 years. Her programs work because she is so thorough in testing and providing a nutritional weight loss approach. Remember that the body can heal itself if given the proper nutrients.

All lab tests can be done through the mail in the privacy of your own home, except blood tests, we send you to a lab to have your blood drawn for these. After you pay for the test we mail you the kit, the results take two weeks, the test results will be mailed to us and we will call you to go over the results, its that easy! All tests include the consultation for the report of findings.

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