Menopause Symptoms

Did you know there are twelve types of Menopause and over a dozen associated symptoms? Do you want to understanding why you feel the way you do? Then schedule a consultation to balance your hormones naturally with Dr. Rispoli PhD in Nutrition for over 25 years.

Symptoms associated with menopause are as follows:
Digestive troubles, food cravings, depression, hot flashes, fatigue, loss of desire, hair loss, breast tenderness, headaches, anxiety, vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, heart palpitations, insomnia, undesired weight gain.

Menopause is confirmed when you have missed at least three months of periods with no breakthrough bleeding. Yes you are in menopause and may be experiencing one or multiple symptoms associated with menopause and hormone imbalances. How many have you experienced?

Menopause is not a disease it is a time to pause and re-assess your life. (meno-pause). The important thing to keep in mind that there is help. You can get natural support with out the dangers associated with HRT replacement therapy.

Two tests important to determine if you have hormonal imbalances are the the PostM (post menopause assessment from Diagnos tech laboratories, Inc.) It is a simple but accurate saliva test that you can do in the comfort of your home. (click on test to learn more)

The second important test addresses the adrenals which actually kick in and make hormones when you body slows down. So it is important to keep them in tip top shape. The test is the ASI Test (Adrenal Stress Index by Diagnostic laboratories, Inc),
(click on test to learn more).

Once the hormone imbalances are identified it is easy to correct the imbalances and alleviate the associated symptoms. You can sail through menopause with out uncomfortable symptoms if your body is supported and balanced!

The best part: you can regain your hormonal balance naturally and holistically, right from the comfort of your own home. Our individualized program work quickly without taking HRT.

Dr Rispoli has had personal experience using this program as she was surgically thrown into menopause at age 23. She has managed her menopause naturally with out symptoms or bone loss. You can too!

See for yourself. You have nothing to lose, except your symptoms.

Teresa Rispoli has her Ph.D. in Nutrition, is a licensed Acupuncturist and clinical researcher. She has been in practice for well over 25 years. It is through her clinical practice that she has gained insights into chronic health conditions. If you are suffering from unexplained symptoms that come and go you may have hidden allergies. Find out today call for a Nutritional Consultation with Dr. Rispoli.

Your happiness is a reflection of your health call today For an appointment, contact her office at (800) 956-7083 or (818) 707-3125.

We also offer Functional Laboratory tests that can be done through the mail in the privacy of your home to help determine why you are having these symptoms. For more information on these click on lab tests.